Sunday, March 19, 2006

Some CoP links

The Knowledge Lab site provides, through video streaming, both an interview with Etienne Wenger and access to his full conference speech (or parts thereof) and his accompanying and somewhat unconventional presentation.

This visual presentation summarises CoP concepts nicely.

Technology for Communities by Etienne Wenger, Nancy White, John D. Smith, and Kim Rowe (2005) is worth a visit. This provides a critique on the use of technology to support the development of virtually mediated CoPs and provides an insight into the use of blogs within this context.


At 3:14 pm, Blogger Dave Ferguson said...

Hi, Jane:

You were commenting on the Learning Circuits blog (at:, and so was I.

I'd like to follow up but couldn't find an email.

You can reach me at dferguson AT strathlorne DOT com (if you care to...)

At 8:41 pm, Blogger Jane said...

Hi Dave:

By all means post a comment here. My e-mail is not reliable at the moment.


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