Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Digital Attitude

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon introducing the concept of blogging to a group of my peers. The group comprises teachers from Music, Art and Physiotherapy curriculum areas and a 'token tekkie' (sorry, Ian) in the form of our HE Operations Manager. We are aiming to establish a team blog on the subject of 'Assessment and Feedback', the link to which will be circulated to members of the college Learning and Teaching Unit, thus gradually inviting colleagues across the campus to feed the interaction.

It was important, to me, that the initial group should not be perceived to be particularly technically capable. The probability of others deciding to 'have a go' will be increased considerably if novice bloggers can be seen to use the medium to good effect.

So what attitudes have I been relying upon? I initially looked for an enthusiasm for learning and teaching, an open minded approach to new ideas, an enjoyment of cross college interaction and a certain (intangible) energy. None of the above relate directly to the use of technology; all of the above involve creativity, adaptability and interpersonal skills - a subset of the soft skills valuable in the connected society.

Have I come full circle?


At 1:10 pm, Blogger Harold Jarche said...

My experience reflects the same issues. Those with an open attitude, a willingness to experiment and perhaps most importantly - a degree of curiosity - seem to be the ones who keep the community glued together.

As you have noticed, it's not about technology.


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