Thursday, March 16, 2006

A sense of continuity

Themes of purpose and continuity juxtaposed against a need to compose three learning objects for my looming assessment have actually led me to consider using this blog as a (rather public) rough notepad for that assessment.

I have been mulling over the development of three learning objects on topics such as 'Blogging and Culture', 'Blogging and Communities of Practice' and 'Blogging and Foundation Degrees' all of which would address the 'Blogging as an Educational Tool' assignment choice. These choices are all highly relevant for me (well you've possibly seen my original posting and my profile) and I shall design them such that they could be incorporated into the CPD series we are developing for staff at the College.

But back to continuity ..........

The themes that have interested me throughout my posting have also related to these topics and, indeed, if I look at my last posting I can almost consider each question in the context of one or more of the titles of my LOs.

What will motivate the author (intrinsic/goal oriented)?
How can the author retain an awareness of the way in which their own cultural approach may influence/bias their approach to their posting?
How does the development of the blog parallel development of the bloggers identity (N.B. I don't mean on line persona but core being when I refer to identity)

What difference would co-location make?
What would be the issues should the team be from a variety of cultures (ethnicity, locale, work practice, social/political orientation)

Communities of Practice
How would the postings and comments be moderated and (indeed) should they be moderated?
Should it be the process of blogging that receives attention or the content - or both?
How could a team blog work in support of a Community of Practice?

and separately ...
How could team blogs be used to support Foundation Degrees?

If I can clarify and/or refine these questions I shall also have defined the objectives of my LOs. I think .......


At 2:07 am, Blogger Harold Jarche said...

Here's a paper (PDF) on social networking and professional development for teachers.

At 9:34 am, Blogger Jane said...

Thanks Harold. There is some really useful reflection in this document (particularly in section 4 where there is tabulated consideration of varied forms of e-learning and their impact on CoP development). I have also been suitably diverted by accessing sources referenced in the document. (Well and truly sidetracked!!)



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