Saturday, March 11, 2006

The rambling blog

This is the type of posting you get when your heart and mind are up on Helvellyn and your body is trying to get you to concentrate on the looming assessment deadline!!

Nonetheless, I am following on from a point I started to consider in my last posting - so I guess there is some sort of signposting for my wanderings.

If a blog is being used for educational endeavour there is likely to be a need for at least temporary focus and cohesion within consecutive postings. There then follow a number of thoughts or questions for consideration .

For an individual blog:
  • What will motivate the author (intrinsic/goal oriented)?
  • How can the author retain an awareness of the way in which their own cultural approach may influence/bias their approach to their posting?
  • How does the development of the blog parallel development of the bloggers identity (N.B. I don't mean on line persona but core being when I refer to identity)
  • Who would assess the educational relevance of the materials and through what mechanism?
  • How would 'levelness' be appraised?

For a team blog:

  • How would the postings and comments be moderated and (indeed) should they be moderated?
  • Should it be the process of blogging that receives attention or the content - or both?
  • What difference would co-location make?
  • What would be the issues should the team be from a variety of cultures (ethnicity, locale, work practice, social/political orientation)
  • How could a team blog work in support of a Community of Practice?
  • How could team blogs be used to support Foundation Degrees?

Enough to keep me on track for a while perhaps ....


At 6:00 pm, Blogger Jane said...

A note to myself:

Ref: the question about CoPs and blogs visit

At 9:38 am, Blogger Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Jane from Jim Belshaw

Will try to post a comment to your question on Learning Circuits tonight.

At 4:19 pm, Blogger Peter said...

Interesting points - but one which bothered me right from the start was exactly one that you raise: that of continuity. Events logically follow a calendar style format but ideas...?

At 9:27 pm, Blogger Jane said...

Jim (above) gives some good advice on the learning circuits blog when he suggests that the first activity when planning a blog should be consideration of its purpose.

The link is and the relevant posting that by Jim Belshaw on 13/03/06.

The best advice is often the simplest.

Lets face it we started blogs altruistically - and because we needed to find out about blogging. Few, if any of us within h806 (at least of the novice bloggers), really stopped to consider the purpose of our initial postings.

The simplest of advice is often the best.


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