Friday, March 03, 2006

Plenty of attitude

It is interesting to see the development of the blogs started by my peers last Wednesday (Do follow the links to Ian, Jayne, Ben and Barry's blogs .......), the type of initial postings and tones developing.

Ben's blog has really taken off now with much of the discourse on assessment and feedback, discussed prior to practical activity, developing organically through his postings and subsequent comments. It is particularly good to see that a tutor working outside the initial group has already 'got the bug'.

Comparison of the contents of the blogs (even at this early stage) brings to the fore the whole issue of 'authorial tone'. This is an area of considerable interest since adoption of a particular tone may imply selection, conscious or otherwise of the intended audience of (and contributors to) the discourse.

The tone of Jayne and Barry's blogs is light and the comments follow suit. Their postings are clearly part of initial experimentation. Ian's blog contains contrasting styles, his second posting starting to indicate particular academic interests and reflecting a rapidly developed comfort with the medium. For Ben, the medium has already become secondary to the content .... his tone encourages participation of academics and invites serious interaction.


At 7:36 pm, Blogger Monica said...

Hello Jane

I found the topic of assessment and feedback very interesting and I hope to access your blogs regarding same, if that is okay with you and your group.

My department at the moment have been attempting for the last 2 years to develop an assessment specification, which has to be agreed on by the social partners in apprenticeship, that is, employers, trade unions, the Dept of Education & Science and FETAC (Further Education and Training Awards Council). All our efforts to date have failed when we reach the consultation stage. As a result, although I am not part of the project team, I have developed a great interest in this particular area. So keep posting.

Have a good weekend - off now to start on my first LO for the TMA


At 9:02 am, Blogger Jane said...

Hi Monica

Its so exciting to find my peers from H806 accessing the blogs my team have started to post. I get hyper every time there's an 'external' comment on one of their blogs - Its a bit like blogwatch really!

Assessment and feedback is a national issue for HE in England and we are keen to develop pedagogical discussion on the topic. All input very welcome.

Ben is in the middle of moving house at present so his blog is not as active as it had been but watch this space (and do join in). He is going to lead the development of a team blog on the subject of assessment and I suspect this will become quite lively.

I completed my first LO yesterday evening. It took forever! I hope you have fared better.

One down, two to go - and a small but energetic boy to entertain ....


At 8:50 pm, Blogger Monica said...

Hi Jane

Will be accessing the blogs this week, as I find same very interesting and therefore educational. It is good to get a different perspective, as there is lack of discussion on this topic in Ireland. The NQAI (National Qualifications Authority of Ireland) with FETAC and HETAC are young organisations (5 years old)and have to date been involved in establishing their procedures and policies. I suppose the real work will now commence, with validation, evaluation and monitoring.

As you probably gathered from my postings last year, communication or lack of communication in my organisation is at an all time low. The Company is working on the basis that the "left hand should not know what the right hand is doing". Maybe, if I have time, I might set up an internal blog for discussions on assessment and curriculum design.

Hopefully when you are reading this, your small but lively boy will be fast asleep with the fairies.



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