Saturday, March 18, 2006

Considering culture ...

I have spent the last few hours considering how I am going to put together a learning object (LO) on Blogging and Culture.

The first conclusion I have come to - and, to be honest, of which I have been increasingly aware over the past few weeks - is that the subject is far too big, enormous even, to have anything like justice done to it in a learning object externally constrained to take a maximum of 2 hours study. So, then, an overview it will need to be ...

I find that if I am asked to reflect, however briefly, upon my own experience the generated response is likely to then have more meaningful impact as I consider more objective stances. (Note: I deliberately use the term objective relatively since there I consider there being little chance of objectivity being complete within the context of educational theory).

A simple definition of culture - such as that posted by Queensland's Department of Education and Arts - supports initial thinking. Accessing said definition, together with that of cultural diversity, provides a starting point for such personal reflection.

If you have checked out this link, you might care to throw in your own perspectives .... any constructive responses posted may become part of a learning activity (please do not respond if this would concern you in any way).

Do you agree with the definition provided? How could you supplement the description given?

Which actors, social networks, artifacts or tools have influenced your cultural perspective? Have they altered your outlook and expectations?


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