Monday, April 10, 2006

Networked Learning 2006

I am blogging from the Networked Learning Conference at the University of Lancaster and with little time for reflection. The event kicked off with presentation from Peter Goodyear of University of Sydney; a great way to start a conference. Peter presented his studies on the impact of discussion on learning and the level at which that discussion was utilised within learning development; he invited the audience to consider, within this context, the relative objectivity of 'ideas', the impact of collaborative knowledge work and the power of epistemic fluency.

The concept of epistemic fluency is one that has attracted my attention; it would seem to have particular relevance to learning within organisations and thus would seem to also have relevance for consideration in the context of Communities of Practice.

If this is a valuable concept then why do we address it so poorly (or is it my imagination) during theoretically vocational degrees and foundation degree programmes?


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