Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bloggers block ....... or just a pause in the dialogue?

I was stunned to find that I hadn't inflicted my musings on the world for just over a month, particularly as I had found (and still find) the whole concept of blogging so addictive.

Should I see the gap as an indication of temparary inability to articulate my thoughts, academic or otherwise, into a form suitable for publication or just a symptom of a exceptionally busy working and learning period combined with the joys (and I do mean that) of family life?

Can the two be separated; do I want to separate them?

I don't thinkI can separate the learning and blogging activities despite the fact that the learning activity is supported by both intrinsic and goal oriented motivations; the blogging activity has given me the space to think through some of the issues relating to my programme of study and, indeed, link them to my world of work. In a way that's happening now. Just writing this posting is encouraging me to think through the way in which blogging is working for me as an educational tool.

I will reflect some more and devote some time to lurking before returning to the subject...

If any of my fellow H806ers are reading, I'd especially love to know your take on the whole dilemma!


At 10:21 pm, Blogger Bluefluff said...

My own H806 blog has fallen into silence, & for a while my personal blog joined it in that state, due to life crisis.
It became too difficult to 'think in writing' in so many places at once. I was dialoguing with myself in notes on the LOs, preparing TMAs, joining in discussions in the TG conference - & now there's the group wiki to find material for as well. This fragmentation, in a learning experience that's already rather formless & potentially overloaded, would perhaps be more stimulating if I was a fulltime student. As a part-timer with an urgent need to prioritise, I find myself trying to reduce the number of places where H806 'happens'. Does that make sense?

At 9:29 am, Blogger Jane said...

Hi Bluefluff

You are one of the more prolific posters within the on-line seminar rooms and I can see your point. Occasionally I have just linked my comments back to my blog obviating the need for repetition and yet supporting the potential for more open dialogue.

Certainly for me, the issue of physical accessibility has become an issue. My poor recently departed laptop (curse that machine) has meant high dependancy on the charity of my teenaged daughters and thus a limit to my on-line availability - that to be remedied.

The question is - will I continue to blog when I have finished the course - and the answer has to be yes. One of the great things about the MA ODE is its relevance to my role and it has already had impact on e-learning activity at college. I have learned a lot through various blogging links I have made (for example Full Circle) and would wish to keep the dialogue open).

Sorry - a very self centred response (and garbled perhaps since I dont have time to read this back). Hope it makes sense



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