Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back to Networked Learning - lest I forget

I have been meaning to add to my postings on the NLC 2006 event but ramblings (both literal and metaphorical) and procrastination (actual) have been the flavour of the day(s). Choconancy has aided and abetted my procrastination with some really interesting postings on her blog, whilst my ability to multitask has been seriously challenged as I attempt to use instant messaging with my fellow H806ers whilst my daughters gleefully send me changes of background, emoticons and winks (well- returning the compliment is obligatory - isnt it)!

Still, I am no longer attached to my walking boots and waterproofs (I kid you not), have already visited Full Circle for my 'fix' and really must mention a particularly interesting presentation from the NLC 2006 by Janice Picard entitled 'Researching Social conflict in Collaborative Groups'.

The presentation considered the impact of the on-line context, in particular, in relation to social conflict within a group of learners. Issues such as the interpretation of on-line 'silence' rang particular bells with me, having found quite peturbing those periods where interaction was lacking within the on-line seminar room of a previously studied OU module. My take on this was a lack of participation on the part of a number of my peers and yet checking 'message history' there was evidence of passive participation (equally legitimate but not feeding my need). This leads to the consideration of the perceptions of all parties in an environment where there are no visual or aural clues; the ways in which words can be interpreted and behaviours imagined.

The role of conflict in the learning process is an important element and Picard later related this to Piaget's theories; all I can remember of Piaget (to my shame) is trees and hills and perpendicularity (or not) in relation to stages of child development. It looks as though I need to pay another visit!

I have been promised a copy of the presentation and, having done it very little justice here, will request permission to reproduce excerpts. There were, in particular, some interesting references ...

Watch this space!


At 3:12 pm, Blogger Martin Williams said...


As a \'perpetually passive participator\' I like the comments - and will endeavour to comment more on your posts as I read them. If you hadn\'t set this lens up I\'m not sure whether I would have read and commented on nearly as many of the other blogs as I\'m starting to do.

Thanks for the comments

Martin Williams

At 3:56 pm, Blogger Jane said...


I note from your blog that you cannot read the comments I have been leaving there. I wonder how we can get around that problem. If Nancy is reading this, perhaps she has some bright ideas?

Will be following some of the links posted on your blog and will probably add the sites to my work based learning lens.



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