Thursday, April 27, 2006

M-learning and the missing link

An attempt to study a learning object exploring m-learning has brought me up short. I have an aversion to the use of my mobile phone for all but talking and texting (oh and the odd picture of nearest and dearest ... and end of term outings!). There it's out in the open... I have confessed ... and yet I hadn't really considered this aversion at all until I started to read of the potential for learning through this medium.

When faced with an aversion of this type I generally force myself to explore further and thus the weekend will host (together with lawn-mowing, walking and study) a full exploration of the capabilities of my none-too-modern mobile and the set up requirements for on-line activity. Gulp!

To show I mean business, I have been exploring the blogs linked to my 'work based learning' lens and have found this m-learning posting to keep me going.


At 10:30 pm, Blogger Bluefluff said...

I'm with you on this, Jane, for two main reasons:
1. usability
2. cost
Take this course, for instance - many of the important resources need broadband to access them easily. Even dialup connection isn't adequate. How much of H806 would fit onto a mobile phone screen, & how much would it cost in connection charges?

Most of the learning I'm involved with (as student or tutor) is academic & I'm very sceptical about m-learning's role there, excpet perhaps for minor admin/support purposes. I could, for instance, send a text message to a student whose assignment hasn't arrived (but why would I want to, when I can say more, in
email that costs me nothing to send?)

At 10:23 am, Blogger Jane said...

You mention sending a text to a student.

There are sites which allow you to SMS from your PC/laptop. We use this to a verfy limited extent from work for emergency contact with staff and/or students but there are all sorts of tricky parts to this - such as, for example, permissions and privacy provisos etc.


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