Friday, May 05, 2006

M-learning and Foundation Degrees

This is a question really ...

How would Foundation Degree students situated within their own working environment take to using their mobile phones to post to their learning community ? An excited learner could feedback to the group far more quickly than waiting for the group seminar a week later; a query could be answered by a community member.

The posts would go into the community software with responses appearing on-line but being returned by SMS to the phone of the originator? Possible? I would think so ...

A cluster of cynics?

Having felt isolated by my m-learning related cynicism (particularly when it involves my phone), I find that the majority of my H806 tutor group peers have views which are not entirely dissimilar. More youthful contributions to the evaluation of an m-learning application were, however, of the enthusiastic variety plunging me back into the depths of 'fogeyism'.

Ernie commented to the effct that our daily and workbased utilisation of technology might impact upon our perspectives relating to the further use of that technology for learning. Reflecting on this comment led me to pause, fingers briefly stationary above the keyboard, until the obvious dawned. It isn't the technology but the motivation behind its use. The particular m-learning package we have been examining does not enthuse me; it provides neither goal oriented nor intrinsic motivation. Blogging, conversely, not only forms part of my study but the development of lenses have also provided me with a major resource; this in turn serving to feed my motivation.

Now, how would m-learning with its small screens and fiddly keypads facilitate this need to the same degree? Answers on a postcard to ....

Monday, May 01, 2006

Techological Cynicism

As promised, I head for the home page of my mobile phone service provider to check out the means by which I can at least access e-mail (the most basic of interactive services). After all, I shouldn't need to hunt out the paperwork should I?

Apparently I should!

My phone is too old for the SP to display it (or its capabilities) on line and for the general public to see; too old at 2.

Should I know better?