Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back to the Blog

November saw the start of the latest Module for our learning community and a plethora of readings that hardly leaves time for breathing ... or so it seems. I have found myself in a real dilemma and on two counts.

The first is with regard to the readings. Some have clarity, are readable (or have so much value that the struggle is worthwhile) and raise new learning points for consideration. Others fall outside this set of descriptors and have a lesser intrinsic worth, thus making them harder to pursue. When time is limited the tendency is to read the instrinsically worthwhile papers and yet would I develop my capabilities further by moving outside my comfort zone. The dilemma is not as yet resolved.

The second dilemma is my use of Facebook and Moodle. I have found myself putting some of my fairly unformed and more random academic thoughts into chat space on Facebook and getting similar feedback from my Friends. I am then less motivated to repeat said points in Moodle which is, arguably, the more appropriate space for them. So why does Moodle not give me that same feeling of feedback? Dillenbourg's (1999) notion of synchronicity holds one of they keys to this methinks. Would I be as keen to doodle in FB if my Friends were not as responsive ... probably not.

Work has been completely manic recently and I find myself in meetings most of the day with little time for the administrative part of my role never mind finding opportunity to reflect. This is my first attempt to discipline myself to keep a journal once more. It was useful to me before so watch this space! What is increasingly apparent is that my study is giving me a more influetial role with regard to TEL within the institution; not directly and explicitly but in terms of influence. This has to be a most satisfiying potential outcome and one I find very exciting.