Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Should all Learning Professionals be Blogging

My thanks to Jim Belshaw for pointing me in the direction of the Learning Circuits' Big Question.

Having briefly visited the posting 'Should all Learning Professionals be Blogging?' I decided to post my own views here before paying a visit to the thirteen comments already provided ..........

A number of themes come to mind ...... firstly the concept of a learning professional. My original assumption was that the question refered to professionals within the learning industry. In the era of the 'knowledge society' and with the promotion of 'learning organisations' that assumption surley has to be short-sighted....... a can of worms for further debate since I would perceive the use of the expression 'professionals' to be potentially exclusive and elitist.

Assuming for a moment that my first thoughts were those implied by the question's originators there are further elements to be explored..... should all learning professionals be aware of the potential of blogging (I believe so); should all learning professionals have access to technology to support the learner experience (in an ideal world ..but..); should all learning professionals be participating in reflective practice and ongoing extension of their own knowledge base and global awareness (absolutely)!

I shall visit the comments on Learning Circuits later tonight and perhaps post some more. All meaningful feedback welcome.