Sunday, April 20, 2008

What would you like to do better as a Learning Professional?

In response to the Learning Circuits Big Question for April :

As a Learning Professional I need to develop my own capacity for learning and to accept diversification in not only my own learning methods but in my interaction with others who enjoy differing preferences and perspectives. I'm engaging in this activity with peers at Lancaster but need to keep up the reflectivity to make sure I don't miss the learning opportunities.

I need to interact with wider spheres of learning professionals to extend my understanding across a wider range of concepts, to engage with differing cultures and communities.

I also need to be able to make the time to ensure that my research (note the small 'r' at present) impacts on practice. I need to be able to step away from my role as a manager and interact more freely with teaching staff. There is a huge issue of time here - as much for those practitioners as for me.

I need to ensure that I understand the evolving nature of the learners coming to the College in order to better understand their drivers and enablers.