Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The start of a string ........

This marks the start of what should be a whole string of daily outpourings on professional practice or should I say my professional practice as influenced by, contextualised by the readings and activities we are undertaking as a learning group. 'We' means my fellow e-researchers - all having different backgrounds and cultural influences and all with a different set of professional practices upon which to reflect. Our tutor says we can keep this to ourselves (nobody need ever see it) but I figure I will learn so much more by writing in the relative shade of the public domain. Does anyone visit my blog here anymore anyway? Its not exactly cutting edge and yet at one point I did start to feel part of a network of practice ... not a community of practice .. no shared goals. Hmm.

I guess if I am going to write every day for 5 to 10 minutes on professional practice I ought to have a think about what exactly consititutes my professional practice. Immediately it comes back to identity which is an irony because I've justed added a comment to our community wiki signposting the group to the Knowledgelab interview with Wenger. And I guess that's part of my professional practice too.

My working role sees me as a Senior Manager in HE in FE which has me simultaneously as strategist, educationalist, communicator, partnership worker and team worker. But are my teams CoPs? We do have a loose bound CoP developing I think - in the area of HE operations - where practitioners are coming together and developing artefacts and protocols together in support of a common goal and without being required so to do ..... or at least that's my perspective.

Oops wondered off the topic - that's what happens when you are asked to type for ages without editing. Haha!

I'm also a learner (is that professional practice) and a researcher (very novice - ooo er) and a social constructivist I think.

Enough. My fingers ache. More tomorrow.


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