Thursday, July 10, 2008

Professional Practice and the Research Project

Today has been highly interactive and indeed, until I walked into the hall and fell over my moving boxes, I have found myself working effectively.

The high point of the day was during a very dull (sorry personal view) electronic records management exhibition when I had the opportunity to talk at length to my line manager about the strengths and areas for development of our network infrastructure and the expenditure on 'e-learning'. As a direct result of this conversation I am searching for benchmarking figures for IT spend in Mixed Economy Colleges; JISC are helping me and I have found an older document on the BECTA site. This will I suspect link into my next research activity since finance is, I suspect, likely to be one of the barriers to implementation of Harnessing Technology.

Whilst searching for said benchmarks, I also found the newly published Harnessing Technology 2008-2014 which will be a really useful addition to my literature review. Wow - my own professional activity has been unseparable from my research theme today. Excellent!

Just to round the day off, one of my interviewees called me late this afternoon - and unexpectedly; this provided me with my third interview and has given me some food for thought. Its too soon to start looking at outcomes but there are certainly some interesting common factors starting to emerge.


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